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I am Women
Age 29 years old
Ethnicity Latina/o


Make a step to yourself right now. Open to Love, Happiness and Divine Presence through Pleasure.

Hi, I practice Tantra Massage, tantra massage is many things! It is a life-changing experience, a sublime gift to yourself or your lover, a very personal and profound therapy, and … a massage as well!

‌Let’s demystify it a bit: It should remain a little mysterious for you too, because every person experiences a completely unique journey into themselves….

‌In Tantra Massage, your private organs will probably be touched (with your permission). But this is not just a massage on those areas ! This is a private session in which you are taken on a journey to your most inner intimate self. The entire session is held in a sacred, safe space in which you feel relaxed, comfortable, and free to express yourself.

the Tantric body work you get will be pleasurable, relaxing, sensual, and enlivening. You will learn the consciousness and skills of Tantra in the process of receiving it. How? Through learning to to move energy with your consciousness and to connect your pleasure , your heart and your spirit

‌ For either men or women, a Tantra Massage is exactly what you need if you want to:

‌*Free yourself of any shame, guilt, or fear surrounding your intimacy and release any past traumas

‌*Love yourself and love your body exactly as you are right now

‌*Awaken your kundalini energy, bringing awareness to it, and enjoying and celebrating it

‌*Control this very powerful energy and learn how to channel it toward the highest levels of your being

‌*Gain more self-confidence, love, creativity, concentration, and awareness

‌*Discover and increase your orgasmic potential, even to the point of having full-body ecxtasis without losing your energy

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